Official Time In Germany

12:02:50 12:02:50 Sunday, July 21st, 2024 Monday, July 22nd, 2024

How does it work?

This clock synchronizes with an official time server upon loading this page. Yeah, right, that's why you saw that wee yellow "Synchronizing" memo for a jiffy. :-) Anyway, after that your browser manages the rest (counting seconds, stuff like that).

Is it accurate?

The time server is 100% accurate or "atomic," but your computer or browser may be playing billiard with the clock for a second or two. That's why we re-synchronize it with the official time server on the full hour, correcting any discrepancy that may have piled up until then.

How can I link to it?

Linking to this clock is a smart idea as more people will benefit from it. How? Simply link to and you're ready to fly. We may even provide a tool with which you can put a version of this clock up on your Web site, if the demand grows strong enough.

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